Resource Real Estate

Diego and Jana are the founders of this real estate agency in Ventura County, California. They contacted us to redesign their corporate image. After several months of work, the final result was a modern image that conveys a message of fraternity and friendship, which have served to generate differentiation and market confidence to attract more customers. We have created for these entrepreneurs:

  • Logo
  • Brand identity
  • User manual
  • Stationery
  • Website

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Brand conceptualizacion


The idea was to design a simple and unique concept based on the information provided through our questionnaire. The most important thing was to avoid any image or icon traditionally used in the real estate industry, such as houses, buildings, roofs, etc. The client proposed that the use of two palm trees could be an interesting idea to explore since these elements are already linked to the brand previously and are familiar to the community of Ventura County (California), these reasons were sufficient to boost the concept in that direction.


These two palm trees should be represented in a simple way avoiding any detailed illustration. After some sketches and ideas, we found the perfect solution to combine the concept with the brand name using the two initial Rs used in words Resource and Real Estate.


The selected typeface is a clear and straightforward sans serif font. It is essential to keep in mind that the objective is not to draw two palms but instead to communicate the concept in a minimalist, professional, and unique way.


We did several color tests; the final result was a logo with a warm appearance, which is consistent with the vision of the company which is to communicate a message of fraternity and friendship to all its customers and neighbors

We create a concept based on the client's proposal to use two palms

We use the initials of the name to design the concept

Icon for applications and social networks

Color test

Logo color with background

Logo color no background

Logo black with bakground

Logo black with background

Icon for applications and social networks

Brand color palette 

Use these values to maintain color consistency from digital to print applications. The RGB values are for digital, on-screen materials. Both RGB values and HEX codes have, every display is different, so there may be a slight variation across devices. The CMYK values are for printed materials. Here you will have CMYK percentages plus some additional values which may be required depending on the print technique.

Incorrect uses

The logo must not be altered or modified in any way. Under no circumstances should these mistakes be made

Never change proportions

Never change original colors

Never change the typography

Never use uppercase letters


We design for this client the basic website structure; from there they have customized it according to their needs. The most important thing is that they have made a correct use of the brand identity that we have created for them

Facebook paage

Letterhead template

We delivered a template designed in Microsoft Word, or Mac Pages, which is always useful to create business proposals, invoices, quotes, contracts, or any other document.

Printed business cards

It is always essential to have a business card at hand after a meeting or business event.

Digital business card

This card is useful to introduce yourself using text message, social media or any other electronic means

Usage samples

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