This is a brand founded by two brothers, Shaoul and Eddie Aftalion. They have more than 20 years of experience selling men's clothing. We were contacted by them to give the brand a more modern look. The final result was a high-quality logo and image, which has helped them to better position their brand and increase sales. We have created for these entrepreneurs:

  • Logo
  • Brand identity
  • Branding book
  • Business cards

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Brand conceptualizacion


Our goal with this brand identity was to combine the name PERRUZO with its target audience. We analyze the parameters followed by other brands in the fashion industry to achieve the best possible results, after different ideas and sketches, we find the perfect way to represent a man silhouette using the negative space.


We are using the silhouette of man to identify the target audience of PERRUZO. Trying to represent a complete body could be too complicated and difficult to understand in small sizes, such as applications and favicons. What makes this logo unique is that the typography is almost intact, we just flipped the second R and made a small modification to draw the silhouette.


We have selected a simply elegant and bold serif font to represent the brand name, the slogan is smaller and was written in a sans serif style to keep the brand name as of the main element


We are using black as a unique color. This color will help keep the brand identity strong and masculine.

Brand's name

Brand's target audience

Process followed to  combine the brand's name with the target audience

Logo versions

Logo black with background

Logo black no background

Icon for applications and social networks

Paleta de color

Use these values to maintain color consistency from digital to print applications. The RGB values are for digital, on-screen materials. Both RGB values and HEX codes have, every display is different, so there may be a slight variation across devices. The CMYK values are for printed materials. Here you will have CMYK percentages plus some additional values which may be required depending on the print technique.

Incorrect uses

The logo must not be altered or modified in any way. Under no circumstances should these mistakes be made

Never change proportions

Never change original colors

Never rotate or flip the letters

Never combine the icon with the logo

Facebook página de negocios

Printed business cards

It is always essential to have a business card at hand after a meeting or business event.

Usage samples

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