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This new concept was designed based on the client’s latest request which was to design a sophisticated representation without using the lion, the initial idea was to maintain it as simple as possible working basically with the typography and proportions, at the same time we thought it was important to find the way to communicate some values such as protection and security which are some of the benefits LEGACY will be offering to their clients.


We are communicating these values by incorporating LEGACY INSURANCE GROUP inside a solid box, this box will offer security and protection to the company’s name  from being touched or intersected by other graphic. Additionally, the frame can be used without the name across different marketing applications to achieve a unique imagery style (view samples P.12 and P.13


The typography selected is Optima bold which is the perfect balance with the box around the brand’s name.


We made some tests with the colors suggested by the client which were blue, grey, black and white, we tried dark and light tones, but we highly recommend the third option which is a solid combination that is giving a sophisticated look to the brand’s name, as a final result we have a golden box offering proteccion and security, which are the most important values offered to the clients as an insurance company. 

Color test

Online applications test

Color palette

Use these values to maintain color consistency from digital to print applications.

The CMYK values are for printed materials. Both Pantone spot colors and CMYK percentages have been provided. Every print technique is different and print proofs may be required to ensure color accuracy.

The RGB values are for digital, on-screen materials. Both RGB values and HEX codes have been provided. Every display is different so there may be a slight variation across devices.

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