Tom & Dan Real Estate.

T&D is a company with 50 years experience in every area of real estate (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Mult-Family, Investments, Land & Development). The target market for them are professionals, executives, health care providers, entertainment, lawyers, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, civil servants, in local areas such as Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley

Creative process.


As the client expressed they want me to create something  structural and iconic than relate with the company. The tagline is really important for the client Putting People and Places Together and it must be part of the branding

Another attributes that the logo must reflect are:

  • Experience and ability to meet needs of clients.
  • When you think of real estate, think of Tom & Dan
  • Strength & Integrity
  • Tom & Dan is the best choice to handle my real estate needs.
  • Knowledge/Expertise, 2. Service Dan’s thought
  • WOW
  • We need to call Tom & Dan


When we google “real estate logos” we can see that most of these logos are amateur concepts where the creatives are using houses or buildings to positioning companies in the real estate industry, the result of this kind of concepts is an icon without a solid or unique identity, since my idea is to create a concept to generate trust and recognition for T&D in California, I have conducted my research analyzing those companies with a high level of recognition in the local market, if we analize the logos included in this page we can see that they were designed using unique shapes away from generic


This mind-map was created with the objective to extract useful information from the questionnaire and drive the creative process in the right direction.


Since T&D tagline is “Putting people and places together” it could be great to establish a connection between the tagline and the logo, we can start with a simple question: How can T&D connect people with their dreamed place? let’s say I’m a client looking for a new home or office, the first step before getting into all the required legal documentation, what I want to do is to visit the place, get inside, explore it, get the doors wide open for me, and here is when T&D becomes an important part in the process, it doesn’t matter what I’m looking for T&D will get the doors wide open for me to the office that will help me to grow my business or to the home where I’ll be happy, in addition an open door represents  new opportunities and progress.

Here we have some random sketches that I have created to experiment possible shapes and forms  to represent T&D. It is clear taht I won’t draw couple doors to represent the company, that could be a easy task, my idea is to use the concept as a starting point, from there I will create the visual elements necessary to identify T&D as a solid Real Estate Company in California.

Here we have some rasterized ideas, not color yet, basically I’m trying to explore different shapes inspired in the “open doors” concept.


After some final retouches this is my proposal, it is simple and unique ceoncetp. I have represent couple “open doors”, the concept was designed based on a vanishing point grid, The company name and business are in the middle using the same grid, which helps us to add depth to the concept and at the same time the angles on the top are driving the eye to get the attention on the company name.This elements will be a powerful symbol to incorporate into marketing material and colateral, such as stationery, promotional material, flyers, billboards, etc.