Desoft offer a full suite of software development and management services. Always in close collaboration with their customer, They start with the product definition, from there they develop the technical specifications, and handle the implementation, integration software design, development and testing of the finished product.

Creative process.


Since the company name and the tagline should have a direct connection in the logo, using a KEY was the perfect idea to create this connection, but instead  drawing a KEY, it could be interesting to represent it by using just the company name, no addition elements, no lines, just the letters at DESOFT.


After several sketches we discovered that the letters used to write DESOFT were just perfect to represent a KEY SHAPE, we just needed it to use the right typography and perform some slight alterations until achieve the desired shape.

Once I had a clear idea about the concept to represent, I started experimenting with different typefaces and proportions, this helped me to get several ideas and understand the relation between the letters. Finally, I decided that the best option was to use a sans serif typography, it should be bold and uppercase style, I wanted to create a strong appearance, easy to read and memorable.

Now that the typography style was selected, we needed to get involved with the shape and proportion for the logotype, that is why we explored different KEY SHAPES to find the perfect solution to combine with the name DESOFT.


…and here we go,  this graphic explains perfectly the process followed to represent a KEY using the only word DESOFT which was the perfect solution to combine the company name (DESOFT), with the company tagline (Your key to business success).

The client loved the logo and now the work begins on rolling the logo out through application, branding and marketing material.