JAVIER™ quest for success.

Your quest for success starts here, please answer the questionnaire bellow, for JAVIER™ is really important to understand specific details about your product or services to help you achieve great results, don’t limit yourself and answer as much questions you can, feel free to draw ideas, attach samples, send links. Keep in mind you are about to create something big and every single detail matter.

Project details.

1. How did you hear about JAVIER™?

2. Why are you contacting JAVIER™?

3. Do you have any specific deadline?

4. Do you have previous experience working with designers? Share any positive or negative experience and help JAVIER™ to give you the best service possible.

5. Do you have a website, facebook page or any other social media profile?

Business details.

6. What is your industry?

7. What kind of business do you have?

8. What product or service do you offer?

9. What problem does your business solve in the marketplace?


Target market demographic.

10/ Define your target market or demographic Ethnicity background

11. Age range

12. Location

13. Gender

14. Income level

15. Education level

16. Occupation


Brand details.

17. Who are your competitors and how they are different from your business? Provide website or any social media profile link.

Competitor 1.

Competitor 2.

Competitor 3.

Competitor 4.

Competitor 5.

18. Do you have a business or brand name?

19. What is the idea behind your name and where did it come from?

20. What should people feel and perceive when they see or think of your brand?

21. List any other brands or business you like not necessarily in your industry. Provide website or any social media profile.

Brand 1.

Brand 2.

Brand 3.

Brand 4.

Brand 5.

22. Do you have any specific icons, symbol or image that you would like to associate with your brand? Provide link or send file.

Association 1.

Association 2.

Association 3.

Association 4.

Association 5.

23. Summaries your above answers into 5 descriptive keywords.

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24. Supply any other information that would be useful.


Thank you very much for your time, now let me know how can I contact you to talk about details.