Why an effective logo cost more than a hamburger?

This is a question that cannot be easily answered, if you have been looking for the perfect designer for your logo and brand identity, you may have been dealing with a wide variety of quotes and styles, where you may find designers working for free looking for the opportunity to build a portfolio to experienced designers and studios charing thousands of dollars,

Clients agree that JAVIER™ logo design and brand identity rates are amazing compared with other studios and graphic designers offering same the design quality, a logo is more than a cool graphic to place in your business card, your logo is a powerful marketing tool which will help you to position your products and services in the consumers mind, people may forget your business name, your location, your phone number, but they will never forget an unique and memorable logo, which is the key stone to position your company in the marketplace.


Why JAVIER™ is your best choice?

When you hire JAVIER™, you are not only paying for a cool image sent to your email, JAVIER™ follows his 5 stars creative process this is a detailed process where the design knowledge is combined with an extensive research analyzing your company, competitors, marketplace, your target audience and many other elements which will warrant the efficiency of your logo and brand identity,

For JAVIER™ every client is important, it doesn’t matter if you are starting your home based business or if you are representing a major brand, JAVIER™ has experience in both fields. Keep in mind that what you prefer or what JAVIER™ suggests doesn’t matter if it’s not getting you conversions, that is why before jumping into the creative process, it is important to understand where you are and what is the goal to achieve, that is why JAVIER™ has created a tool called JAVIER™ quest for success to collect all the required date to design the perfect logo or brand identity to suit your specific needs. Just take a look to the logo design sample bellow to get a better idea about the effort JAVIER™ puts behind every project.



This logo was designed for a channel named DROP TV, This channel was created by a group of talented producers from the entertainment industry, who wanted to bring the music & artists they loved to a larger audience of fellow music lovers. They take you inside the culture of electronic music by going inside some of the most exclusive festivals and venues from all across the country, while getting up close with todays most influential artists, and eager fans. From fashion, to technology.

Due the quality of this logo, JAVIER™ was featured in an European magazine among other experienced creatives, we are taking about world class designers who have had the talent to work with clients such as Emi, Virgin Music, Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga director and compositor), TiestoSkrillex and so on.



Before start sketching JAVIER™ has conducted a research into the EDM industry, after exploring different brands and artist logos, it was concluded that visual elements created in the EDM industry are solid and thick, but at the same time these elements were built using soft curves combined with a bold typography.


This channel will manage a wide range of information such as artist, discography labels, concerts, fans, audio, instruments, lights and more, JAVIER’s initial idea was to create a concept  which can represent all these element in a simple but meaningful way, then after some brainstorming and keywords the conclusion was that regardless how big is the EDM industry or how much it involves, the common ground is “people creating music for people”, certainly this principal could be applied to any music genre, but here is where JAVIER must find the specific elements to design an unique logo for the channel.



Here we have some random sketches JAVER has created to experiment possible shapes and forms to represent the word DROP,  it is important to keep in mind the information collected in the brainstorming and the research to communicate attributes such as entertainment and electronic music.



After finding the perfect elements to identify The Drop TV, the next step is to generate the perfect graphic to achieve the professional and minimalistic look required by the client, here you can see different options representing the same idea, but at the end only one will be the winner.

After some final retouches this was the concept selected by the client, the final result was a professional and simple logo with an unique typeface build using four perfect circles combined with four lines. This symbol basically has two different interpretations. The third circle could be visualized as a CD in representation of music, DJ, audio, etc, and at the same time this circle could be interpret as an eye in representation of TV, multimedia, video, fans, artist, etc



Application and samples.