Start up brand identity package


Custom logo design plus a solid brand identity to communicate your brand message.


Professional logo design following JAVIER’S 5 STARS CREATIVE PROCESS

Logo versions

  • Logo versions for landscape and portrait usage
  • Color logo source files
  • Black and white logo source files

Logo files for web and print usage

  • EPS scaleable, vector files for printing
  • PDF vector file for printing
  • JPG logo file with a white background for web
  • PNG with no background for web Versions for social media profiles, app icon and website favicon


  • A quick reference PDF Branding Guide that includes:
  • Brand conceptualization
  • Logo construction and usage
  • Color palette that reflects your brand’s visual identity for print and digital usage
  • Font typography palette that reflects your brand’s visual identity
  • Typography metrics


  • Double sided business card design for up to 2 team members
  • Letterhead for print, Microsoft Word and Pages for Mac templates
  • Envelope for print, Microsoft Word and Pages for Mac templates
  • Social media covers
  • Profiles icons


  • Ongoing consultation during and after project ends
  • Transfer of copyrights and ownership for unlimited usage
  • Discounts and payment options available. Contact JAVIER for details


How does the process work?

  1. After you purchase this JAVIER will send you a digital contract, work plan (with dates) and JAVIER BRAND IDENTITY QUESTIONNAIRE  which will help us learn more about your brand and be able to design the perfect logo and brand identity for your business.
  2. Once we get these answers from you, JAVIER team will start working applying the JAVIER 5 START CREATIVE PROCESS to guarantee your project success.
  3. We will get back to you via email for concept approval.
  4. You send back the first round of revisions. We work on the logo to reflect all needed corrections.
  5. We send it back to you for feedback.
  6. Once the logo is approved, JAVIER will start designing your brand identity applying the same process followed in your logo,
  7. Once your brand identity are finished and approved JAVIER will send you a final design package with all the files outlined above
  8. The complete process can take 1-3 weeks, depending on how long it takes for you to complete the revision rounds and approvals: