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More than focusing on your product or services, it is important to identify the benefits and message that will captivate the attention of prospects and consumers. Before starting to generate concepts, it is important to have a clear understanding of your product and services, your market, and your perfect target client. Keep in mind that what you prefer or what JAVIER™ suggests doesn’t matter if it’s not getting you conversions. That is why JAVIER’s Quest for Success is a powerful tool used to collect all the required data to warrant your project success.


It is a fact that when you invest in your logo, brand identity and marketing strategy, you want to be recognized in your field and such recognition should be reflected in your sales and profit. That’s why it is important to conduct research to analyze your competitors website, social media profiles, marketing strategy and any other materials that will help JAVIER™ identify the negative elements to avoid and to initiate positive elements to overcome them.


After JAVIER™ is fully briefed and armed with relevant information about your company, competitors, and market, it is time to unleash the creativity. This does not mean generating random ideas. The work is based on main maps and keywords to generate the data. This will help JAVIER™ understand and analyze who the perfect client is for your product or service and identify what their preferences are.


Now it is time to translate the data into graphics. This is a long process in which the initial sketches are only visual references which are used to continue digging until JAVIER™ creates the perfect ideas and concepts which will captivate the market and get more people buying your products or hiring your services,


For most creatives, this is the starting point, but for JAVIER™ working on the computer is the final phase. Usually JAVIER™ produces a ton of ideas and concepts, but since some of them were created as a test, it is not necessary to digitalize all of them. That is why JAVIER™ continually reviews the initial business brief provided through the JAVIER™ Quest for Success to make sure the concept will lead to a successful project and return on investment.

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