Metro PCS.

Overall Goals.

Metrostop LLC a MetroPCS Authorized dealer in LA market does events to boost brand awareness, client appreciation and further engage with their target audience. MetroStop LLC was looking for ways to increase the impact of their entertainment events like halloween, christmas, mothers day, fathers day and many more events at all their locations. Javier TM helps MetroStop LLC socially amplify their events initiatives and engage consumers beyond the physical event barriers in a targeted way. Using Social media strategies, MetroStop is able to tap into the social audiences of event attendees to reach an entirely new market.

Insights and Results. 

JAVIER™ helps MetroStop LLC interact with more attendees, and inspired them to share realtime social endorsements – branded photos, videos and links – with their personal networks directly from the event. Ultimately, providing guests with a fun and easy way to capture and broadcast personal brand moments gives MetroStop and MetroPCS a reliable way to drive authentic, natively placed, word-of-mouth endorsements for their brand on social media platforms. By strategically leveraging the social media influence of event guests, MetroStop LLC quickly engaged more consumers and grew brand awareness in an organic, measurable way.

Powerful Social Endorsements. 

JAVIER™ gives event attendees the opportunity to share their satisfaction, support, and love for MetroPCS (MetroStop LLC) while actually being hands-on with the brand itself at live events. On social media, the branded photos that attendees shared with their social networks served as implied brand endorsements that influenced purchase and generated leads.

7,669 Facebook brand interactions in 2 days.

As the guests shared those branded photos to social media, – drastically amplifying the reach of their sponsorship beyond physical attendance without drastically increasing their marketing spend. over 200 attendees and over 110 individuals interested in staying in touch through facebook fanpage with the phone technology company at the last Halloween Red Carpet event this past Oct 31st 2015.

Owned social media growth.

In addition to generating organic endorsements on social media, JAVIER™ & MetroPCS (MetroStop LLC) activation also increased the size of the owned social communities by securing almost 100 new Facebook Page likes and directly from the Halloween Red Carpet event.