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If this is the first time you are visiting my website, you won’t notice the big change it has had. But if in some way you know me, you will see I have rebranded myself. I wasn’t unhappy with my previous business name (samAdvertising). It was catchy and easy to remember. Some people asked me why Sam, well, it was a short cut for Samudio. In spanish it sounds good, but in english is kind of hard to pronounce.

When I arrived in the United States, my first thought about my business name was to create something personal and easy to identify across the country. As I said before, to use my last name wasn’t a good idea. That is why I used Sam and then combined with Advertising it would be the perfect match.

Now after six year of hard work and a huge learning process in Los Angeles, I have decided to give a fresh images to my business. It wasn’t an easy decision and sometimes I thought it would be better to stick with my old name. Now that the work is done, I’m sure about this big change. I have worked on this project for some months now. My task was to use a short name that was easy to remember and focused in my target audience, independents and companies interested in professional design services, preferably based in Los Angeles.

Rebranding is more than changing the logo and stationery, it is also important to think about other important aspects such as domain name (website), emails, social media, phone numbers and so on.



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7 Responses to “Our black and white personal brand identity

  • A clever concept that is kept simple. I think it works well as a logo.

  • Dude, there’s always so much to learn from you.

  • A clever concept that is kept simple. I think it works well as a logo.

  • I like the overall look of this concept, but it doesn’t necessarily make me think at a pencil when I see it.

    • Thanks for the tips. If everbody fowlelod these hints the whole world would much be better off. And we wouldn’t have logos like the Golden Comb-over and the “new” AT&T logo!

  • i like the mono chromatic look. very “apple”

  • This is a great concept, I think it is impossible to make it simpler

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