Beat The Sweat.

This is the  second time that I have the complex task to design the brand identity for a clothing company, in this case this will be a new sportswear brand called Beat the Sweat, beyond than a nice logo, my idea is to design a professional concept that could be easily identified in the future. Is for that reason that I have started the design process doing a research based on great logos such as Nike, Adidas, Oakley, etc.

Creative process. 



After some time browsing sportswear brands, I have concluded that most than a regular logo, I must focus my work in creating an element that identifies the brand, even without the name, for example, Adidas is recognized by three stripes; Puma is recognized by a Puma Jumping, Oakley is recognized by a thick vocal “O” and so on, additionally since the logo will be applied over different colors and materials, it won’t be necessary to work a specific color palette to achieve a solid brand recognition, basically I’ll be focused in creating a unique and memorable shape. If we analyze the samples underneath,  these brands have created its identity using simple and solid shapes, specially arch and stripes and the most important aspect is that all of them are communicating movement in a graphic way.


These were some of the alternatives explored at the beginning of the design process, basically I tried to represent the brand initials BS, using the same shape duplicated four times and pointing to the same direction except the top right.


This logo is a clear sample that feedbacks are a fundamental part to deliver better results, more than my clients personal opinion it is important to know and understand how the concept will be perceived by the consumers, my method is to get opinions and feedback in blogs and professional discussions in LInkedin. My idea creating this logo was to design a balanced and symmetric shape using the brand initials BS, this could be great method to establish a direct connection with the brand,  but after some feedbacks, we noticed that the BS initials could have a negative interpretation.

Before making any final decision we analyzed  the situation with my clients, people still talking about the logo in LinkedIn and Facebook, something positive is that the concept is getting  a great acceptance but the negative interpretation about the BS still around. My clients definitely liked the concept, but at the same time it was important for them to avoid any negative feedback when the brand is launched to the public.


As I said it before feedbacks are a great tool to deliver better results and to avoid mistake after a major investment is made such as print advertising, ads, etc. In this particular case we have over 100 feedbacks, this was enough data to analyse and drive the concept in the right direction, it was clear I must keep the concept and avoid the BS interpretation, but at the same time I didn’t want to give a meaningless solution, the obvious thing to do was to flip the bottom right shape, but I didn’t have a solid argument for my client, but a priceless comment made in LinkedIn by Anain Roibal a colleague from New York gave me what I was seeking.

Here we can see a detailed construction process to make sure that the shape is perfect in proportion and balance and at the same time this could be a great guide to recreate the logo in case that it needs to be reconstructed in the future.