Increase your website traffic by giving people the info they are looking for.

Almost everyone builds a website to be used like a brochure, just to provide information about products and services, if you one of those, please STOP, because this is a HUGE mistake if you want to get targeted traffic to your website.

Why? People aren’t looking for marketing brochures, they are looking for tips and ideas before buy products or hire services, it is a fact we spend hours in Google and Facebook looking for answers, if you provide those answers you will increase your website traffic and sales, a website designed like a brochure is just for clients that are ready to buy and it hardly help you to reach new prospects.


The solution

If you want to get your phone ringing and increase your sales, the solution is simple, design an informational and educational websites where you will provide information about your industry, the objective is to educate prospects and clients about the products you are selling and the services you are providing, for example if you sell clothing, you can write about new trends, winter season, about what is the perfect gift for christmas and so on, by providing this kind of content, you’ll be persuading your readers to buy your clothes, you can double the response attracting more prospects and increase your sales dramatically. Keep in mind that an informational website get up to 500% more response than traditional style, if you understand this concept, you will become in what is known as content marketing ,


How to implement this strategy to your website?

Now that you know an effective way to attract new clients, you should start implementing this technic into your website, the first step is to identify your target audience, start making a research into your current clients, create a list with those clients that you love to work with, think what topics or information they may be interested, for example what are their questions?  what is their favorite product? what makes them buy your products or hire your services?, from there you will have some specific references to start creating the right content to attract more clients like them.

Secondly, keep it clear and easy to read, create a blog section in your website, but don’t try to get fancy with your design, a simple layout has more response  than a complex and busy style, just take a look to popular website such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these are websites with a huge volume of information and traffic, the navigation is basically scroll-up and scroll down, not complex effects or animations, remember the key factor is the content.

Personally I recommend WordPress to develop websites integrated with blogging features, it is really easy to use and since you will have an user name and password to perform updates, you won’t need to hire a web designer, additionally I suggest to add social media sharing features and traffic reports to have control over your website.

Start using this content marketing strategy and you will see the results. For example, I have created this post to get the attention of people interested in increase their website traffic, get more efficient websites and web design services in general, the next step is to share it  in social media, email marketing and website, this strategy is more efficient than an advertisement promoting web design services, if you are reading this information is because you may be interested in this topic and revamp your website could be one of my next projects, feel free to contact me for any question you may have.