How content marketing helps you to build your business

Due social media a huge percentage of purchase decision is been affected by friends or people trusted online, content marketing represents a form of digital word-of-mouth marketing, where people like and share useful information, make comments and create trends, a strong content marketing strategy hits closer to the 90% trust level than any paid banner ad or any other traditional advertising media. Here you have some facts that will help you to understand why you should use content marketing to promote your products and services.


Content marketing delivers quality lead generation.

Content marketing can convert 30% more organic traffic into high quality sales leads, great content marketing will attract potentially high value customers, and these customers will come back for more, this compares to more traditional advertising methods, where media planners will buy an audience assuming that an ad message will be received by a target audience, and this also assumes the paid message will compel users to act, content marketing delivers on the strategy of ‘narrowcasting’ where brands focus on a smaller, core group of potential, high quality consumers.


Content marketing fulfills a desire for more Information.

Back in 2010, when about 1/3 of consumers had smartphones, users searched on average of 5.3 sources of information before making a purchase decision. By the start of 2012, when over half of consumers owned a smartphone, that figure had doubled to 10.4 sources of information. User behavior and technology is changing, consumers will now search out for information about your industry, before asking a real person or consulting other media, that is why you should rise to this challenge and build great content that engage, inspire, educate and inform users who seek.


Content Marketing Improves SEO.

Content marketing will help you kill it on the SEO front, as search engines get smarter at delivering the right information to users, content marketing needs to be at the centre of any SEO strategy. Google for instance now heavily weights social sharing and link buzz, the more engaging and shareable your content is, the better your SEO rankings. Google will also heavily favors content it feels is relevant to its users, so your content has to be excellent.


Content Marketing Delivers Strong ROI

Because good content will last a long time, your investment in content marketing will remain relevant for potentially many years. This is compared to a very expensive paid advertising campaign that may only last a few weeks, days or even minutes. Moreover, great content marketing will also earn you significant ‘earned media’ whereby users and other media outlets may talk about and share your content to millions more users, potentially producing millions of dollars in free brand exposure, content marketing produces 3 times more leads than SEM and costs 30% less.


Social media feeds on your content marketing.

Content forms the basis of your social media strategy, without great content, your social media platforms are worthless and people will not follow or engage with your brand on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social network. Content marketing materials should always be produced with social sharing and engagement in mind and social media user behavior should influence your content streams and strategy, content marketing using social media will also deliver on user generated content, linked to positive word-of-mouth sentiment, earned media and fan/advocate community building. The rise of the hashtag as a tool to index and contextualize conversations around brands presents limitless opportunities for brands to hold engaging conversations and emotional moments with customers.


Content marketing will position your self as an expert in your field.

The key is to produce great content to help your target audience achieve their goals and desires and to connect your products and services to individual in a meaningful, memorable way, you should always place your content marketing readers first, even if it means referring them to competitors or businesses that have nothing to do with your industry. Helping your readers first, and not even thinking of selling, will build trust, word-of-mouth and deliver high quality, long term relations that could help you to generate brand recognition and leads.