HESED is a non-profit organization committed to fight poverty and alleviate the lives of the disadvantaged through a wide range of activities and projects. They are composed of private individuals – volunteers, sponsors and donors who believe that poverty should stop now. They push for a world that provides equal opportunities among the youth which we believe can be done through sports, education and culture.

Creative process. 


More than creating a logo to identify HESED as a traditional sports brand, it is important to highlight the humanitarian cause, HESED is a non-profit organization which fights poverty using sports and culture by doing humanitarian and social actions around the world.  The word HESED is totally new for us, but since it is the brand name, we must have a clear understanding of  its meaning. HESED  is a Hebrew word that means loving kindness and loyalty, which are perfect adjectives to identify the brand mission and vision. HELP PEOPLE.


As was mentioned by the clients, their competitors are Adidas, Reebok, Nike and other sportswear brands, but an element that makes the different from these commercial brands is that HESED will be using the entire profit to fight poverty around the world, reason why we must include in our research some references from other organization with a similar mission. If we observe these logos, we can identify two groups, on top we have some sports brands suggested by the client and at the bottom we have some well-known humanitarian organizations, if we see the styles are clearly different, while the sports brands use lines with movements and sharp traces, the other group logos use elements related with their mission; except one, Bennetton, this is not exactly a sports brand, but it has a strong image in the fashion industry and its campaigns are usually linked with humanitarian content, which are common factors with HEDSED.



Here we have some random sketches that I have created to experiment possible shapes and forms to create the logo.


HELPING PEOPLE, these two words define the HESED mission as a non-profit organization, but it is important to understand that work against poverty takes more than good intentions and a good heart, and this is what I’m representing in this logo, A strong and bold heart helping poor people around the world.

We understand this is not a traditional graphic representation of a heart, make it obvious could lead us to a weak concept and become one of the hundreds companies using a heart as a logo. Another important aspect is the simplicity and connection with the brand name,  if we see the construction process at the left, after selecting the right typography, after couple movements we have and strong and solid concept.