Bly Law PC.

Bly Law, pc is prestigious law firm focused on represents clients in business litigation; counsel clients on legal, regulatory, and public policy matters; and draft and review a wide variety of commercial agreements.  They are experienced business lawyers trained in large firms. Prevailed at trial on behalf of telecommunications company in case involving breach of multi-million dollar lease agreement.

Creative process.


Bly Law, PC is a law firm in Los Angeles representing  Large Corporate clients in the technology, communications and entertainment industries. They assist clients in areas such as technology licensing, telecommunications, copyright, trademark,  copyright, privacy, and other general business laws, they hired me to redesign their logo and create the brand guidelines, the clients were really specific about what they wanted to achieve a fresh and modern identity for the firm.

“We do not want something that is based on the Firm name. We would like a logo that we can use with alternative name variations, perhaps something that reflects the lawyer-client relationship would be good, such as shaking hands or interlocking links, but I would like it to be simple, abstract, and zen-like.”


I did some research to find another action different from the handshake action to communicate important values such as trust, respect, deal, business, etc., but if we see the other alternatives options could drive the concept to a different direction, it is obvious that the handshake has been used thousand of times in logos, and it could be risky try to create a unique concept, but this is my work and that is why my client is paying for.

Since I am going to use the handshake concept, it is important to make an additional research to have some inspiration and at the same time avoid to design a concept similar to another company and protect y client from Copyright or Trademark issues, the idea is to create an original and unique graphic element that meets the clients requirements.

One of my clients requirements was to design a logo simple, abstract, and zen-like, But the zen-like term was completely unknown to me, but more than a grammatical definition I should get involved from a graphic perspective and understand how it has been used by other creatives. After my research, I concluded that I must create a concept using basic shapes with a fresh appearance without losing the element of balance.

Finally I have all the necessary information about the company and I’m familiarized with some visual elements, now it is time to start creating the right visual identity to achieve the perfect image to represent Bly Law, PC.


Here we have some sketches created to communicate the concept, after several concepts my perception was that when we try to represent the shakehands action, while one hand is visible on the front, the other hand is practically hidden in the back, what about if I try to represent the shakehands with both hands at front? Since I was creating an abstract concept this was possible and it could help to create an original concept, in that case nothing will be hidden,  it could be a clear representation of  transparency and countability in the service offered by the client.


Here we have some vectorized ideas, not color or company name yet, I have to get focused on the shapes. An important detail is that the logo should represent a clear difference between the two hands to communicate the concept in a proper way, I could work with different colors or reduce the color intensity between them.

Finally I have two solid concepts to transmit to the client, The first one is my favorite. It is perfectly balance and kind of abstract, but could easily be interpreted as a couple of hands. The second option is basically the same concept, but here the shakehands is more clear, we can see the same five lines, but the different sizes and rounded corners are easily interpreted as fingers.


The clients really liked bot concept, but they must use just one to maintain a visual consistency, after a conversation through phone and some work with the color we have the winner version to represent Bly Law PC, after the logo was created the clients hire me to create some additional elements to start positioning the new Firm image

The Cian area is the exclusive for the logo and nothing can be modified inside.

Magenta indicates Clear Space. This area must be kept free of all other graphical and visual elements. Any elements can be safely positioned up to the magenta line.

Since the Bly Law, PC Iogo is conformed for a symbol and logotype, this rule is not necesary when the symbol is used as a design element or icon without the company’s name.