Apple music vs Pandora the best music streaming service for hispanics


Nearly 15 years ago, Apple positioned itself on the digital-music vanguard with iTunes and the iPod, sending the music industry into a tizzy to quickly adapt. Now, with today’s launch of the company’s new streaming device, Apple Music — amid stiff competition from established streaming leaders Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and Rhapsody — it feels late to the game. While the service offers many great features, it’s true test lies in the months ahead, when music fans get the opportunity to sample it for three months and decide whether or not to ditch the services it’s grown accustomed to as Apple slowly dipped its toes in the water.

At the moment Pandora is the king among hispanic overall music streaming apps, It seems Pandora is rated best and most popular in the music streaming service business among Hispanics. The Internet Radio service beat out the competition including Apple’s iTunes Radio and the popular service Spotify.

According to ComScore’s June report 25 percent of Pandora’s total 76.4 million active monthly unique visitors are Hispanic. That number translates to nearly 19 million users, which places Pandora as the first music streaming service among Hispanics. Comparatively, Hispanic sites like Univision Digital only brought in 10.5 million monthly unique visitors in the month of June.

Furthermore according Nielsen’s “Hispanics and Music” report recently released Pandora Internet Radio was also the number one streaming service in the country among Latinos with 39 percent of Hispanics listening in a typical week.

One major reason for Pandora’s popularity among Latin listeners is due to the streaming services library. It boasts three separate genre subdivisions for the music including “Latin,” “Mexico” and “Puerto Rico.” Even more within both the “Latin” and “Mexican” subsections lies 42 stations, 27 found in “Latin” and 15 found under “Mexican.” That’s far more stations found under dance, metal and even country music.

Mike Reid, Pandora’s executive director for multicultural attributes the success of Pandora to being able to read and survey their audience along with the younger Hispanic users, which utilize the streaming music service via mobile phones.

“The biggest part is we survey our user. Once we identify this user base as someone who is potentially Hispanic we survey them,” said Reid. “[Our] growth in Hispanic is driven by our ability to reach that consumer in mobile and offer them both Latin and non-Latin music. You’ve got second- and third-generation Hispanics becoming more influential in this country and therefore the proliferation of smartphones and technology really put us in a good position with this consumer.”

As far as now Apple music is launching with a global market campaign seems far from Pandora multicultural campaign targeting hispanics and their unique ability to reach this consumer, Pandora’s market strategy is ahead Apple music with the hispanics, let’s keep an eye on this giant corp on what they are planning ahead. A representative hispanic population uses Android devices and Apple is now preparing its launch for Android this upcoming fall, Let’s see it acceptance on the general and the hispanic growing market and good luck for the best, “You Choose”